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HERDIN Record #: 100133-19100811411716 Submitted: 08 October 2019 Modified: 24 July 2020

Age‐specific incidence rates and risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus‐associated lower respiratory tract illness in cohort children under 5 years old in the Philippines.

Fumihiko  Ueno,
Raita Tamaki,
Mayuko  Saito,
Michiko Okamoto,
Mariko  Saito‐Obata,
Taro Kamigaki,
Akira  Suzuki,
Edelwisa  Segubre‐Mercado,
Hananiah  D. Aloyon,
Veronica Tallo,
Socorro P. Lupisan,
Hitoshi  Oshitani

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Journal Article, Original
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
Six times a year (6x/year)
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